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How did you first find Ayurvedic secrets in your life?

Ayurveda and yoga are connected. I started with yoga at very young age, and I was always very interested in herbs and herbalism was a part of my life while living on Vancouver Island. So I wanted to explore the medicinal parts of yoga, the diet and the routines that are connected to yoga.

How has Ayurveda changed your life?

It really helped me to see the world in a different way, because you can see ayurveda in everything. The doshas are not just within us, but within all of the nature. It really helps to make sense of the world, it feels a little less chaotic when you really, deeply understand ayurveda.

Why do you do this work?

Like most people working in the traditional medicine field – they usually have had their own health problems to start with, and weren’t really getting answers with conventional medicine, and so did I. I wanted to fix myself first.

What is your strongest area of ​​expertise?

The most common thing people come to see me for, are digestive issues. Even if the problem is something else, it usually starts with digestion. I’m helping a lot of people with chronic IBS and fertility problems too.

Tell us your best success story?

The most fun stories are the ones when I help people to get pregnant. People that have been trying for a long time, and their hormones are messed up and their diet is not great. So I help them ground themselves and make them more fertile with herbs too.

In what kind of situation would you refer a patient to a western medicine doctor’s office?

If someone has broken a bone or needs immediate medical attention, I would recommend conventional medicine. But if it’s not an emergency, with time, ayurveda can reverse many health issues.

What would you say to a client who is still hesitant about the effectiveness of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the oldest medicinal system in the world, and it has a living lineage. In ayurveda we can see for 10 000 years how it has worked. Just those 2 things are huge, and that’s why I use ayurveda for my practice.

What is the best thing about Ayurveda?

For me it’s the seasonal routines. I really like that there’s something to connect to those seasonal changes, more than just looking out the window and seeing that the weather is different, but also changing the diet accordingly, changing the daily routines, seasonal routines, refreshing decorations and altars in the house. Animals change what they eat according to the season, and so should people.

Ayurvedic routines that you would like everyone to embrace in their own lives?

Adopting a routine is extremely beneficial. In the modern world we have difficulties with routine. We sleep at different times, we eat at different times, we have constant exposure to artificial lights and electronic devices. So just having a routine and trying to limit the lights, especially in the evening time.

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